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PICO Compensated Neutron Tool (PCNT)

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The PCNT tool determines porosity of a formation by measuring the intensity of thermal neutron radiation produced when bombarding a formation with fast neutrons.

When the fast neutrons collide with formation elements, energy is reduced to the thermal level. The PCNT use a chemical source for neutrons and two thermal neutron detectors. Measurements consist of a calibrated ratio of near-detector to far-detector count rates. This ratio is related to the hydrogen content of the formation and can be used to determine porosity. The tool's source and detectors are spaced to maximize the depth of investigation of the tool and to provide accurate logging data. The PCNT tool can be run in any type of borehole fluid.


  • Determine porosity
  • Identify lithology
  • Indicate formation gas
  • Calculate shale volume
  • Provide open hole to cased hole log correlation


  • Combinable with most other logging tools
  • Can be run in open and cased holes