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PICO Thin Bed Array Induction (PTBI)

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The Thin Bed Array Induction measures formation resistivity by inducing a current into the formation using an array of electromagnetic coils. The magnitude of this current flow reflects the conductivity, and therefore resistivity, of the formation. Resistivity measurements are made at five separate depths of investigation; the deepest of which may be used as an accurate measure of uninvaded zone resistivity (Rt). Using more coils at alternate spacing, the PTBI is capable of measuring formation resistivity at five separate depths of investigation. Through its coil design and advanced processing, the PTBI also achieves vertical resolutions competitive with other induction tool. The PICO Thin Bed Array Induction is best suited for use in freshwater-based drilling fluids, oilbased muds, and air-filled holes.


  • Distinguish between water-bearing and hydrocarbon bearing formations
  • Determine true formation resistivity (Rt) for calculating water saturation
  • Estimate invasion diameters
  • Indicate moveable hydrocarbons


  • Five depths of investigation (10 to 90-inches) for more detailed investigation of
  • invasion profiles
  • Superior vertical resolution and response symmetry
  • Shallow measurements are not used to enhance resolution of deep
  • measurements, thus not corrupting measurements in large boreholes or washouts
  • Less susceptible to skin effect through tool design
  • Real-time borehole corrections


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