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PICO Telemetry Spectral Gamma (PTSG)

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The PTSG tool provides highly accurate measurements of gamma rays emitted from potassium, uranium, and thorium to determine formation lithology. Concentrations of these elements give more detailed stratigraphic and depth correlation than can be obtained from conventional gamma ray tools. The PTSG uses a scintillation crystal, sodium iodide (Nal), and a photomultiplier tube to measure gamma ray radiation. The PTSG tool can be run in any type of borehole fluid.


  • Indicate potential hydrocarbon-bearing zones
  • Distinguish reservoir type rock containing accessory
  • Indicate highly permeable or fractured reservoirs
  • Determine Clay types, volumes, and Qv's
  • Provide detailed well-to-well stratigraphic correlation
  • Provide detailed log-to-log depth correlation
  • Delineate bed boundaries
  • Detect water migration


  • Combinable with other logging tools
  • Can be run in open and cased holes